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Gordon Spence

Gordon Spence

Gordon has been helping families to prepare for an uncertain future since 2008. A sudden illness in the family led to him investigating how his own family could plan ahead, and make sure that those left behind would be looked after.

Seeing what his own family went through, and knowing how relieved they were to find out what options were available to them, made Gordon want to share his knowledge with other families. He is passionate about helping people to make sure their passing is as easy on their loved ones that it can be.

Dani Spence

Dani Spence

Dani has been working with her Dad since 2014. After learning more about the family business she found a passion for helping others deal with one of the very few certainties in life. Coming from a younger generation, she realised how little people talk about dying and preparing for the future, and the impact that this can have on those left behind.

Thankfully, when Dani’s Nan passed away in 2016, she had already done a pre-paid funeral plan. Instead of dealing with all the stress and worry that comes with organising and arranging a funeral, her family were able to support each other and grieve for the loved one they had just lost. Because of this Dani was able to see first-hand the benefit that this provided for her family, which led her into offering this solution to other families.

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Funeral Plans

A pre-paid funeral plan enables you to fix the cost of the funeral director's fees and services, meaning that no matter how long you live, there will not be anything more for your family to pay towards those costs. They also have the additional benefit of allowing you to plan how you want your funeral to be, and make those all important decisions, saving your family the additional heartache and stress that planning a funeral can bring. We are specifically trained to help arrange your funeral with tact, sensitivity and empathy, taking great care to ensure that when the time comes, your loved ones are protected and that you receive your perfect send off.